Research Hub 路 Notion template

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If you're just starting your user research practices, and need somewhere to share your findings, this template is a great place to start.

This is a simple template that has lots of room for scaling along with your research team.


馃巵 Handy report templates

Starting a report can be tricky. I've created a template that gives you a solid start no matter what you're researching. If you'd like some more tips on how to share your user research, I wrote an article about this here.

馃Ч Everything in one place

No more darting between tools trying to find your session notes! With spaces for everything in this Notion template, you'll only need to focus on one space.

馃洬 Easy to share your research

If your team is in Notion, you can easily link to your reports in context. Or if someone needs to reference something you did months ago, they can find it all in one place. No more faffing around with sharing and links!

Ready for you to make it your own

A template is just the beginning. As you start adding to it and changing it, you'll find that you want to move things around and add new templates. And that's great! It's why Notion is such a great tool for teams that want to work in their own way.

About me

Hey I'm Amy! I'm a Notion Certified Consultant and I've been creating things in Notion since 2018. Now I help people and businesses through my own studio, Gubbins.

If you want to find out how you can customise your Notion workspace, you can schedule a call with me here or visit my website to learn more.

You can also find me on Twitter or LinkedIn if you have any questions!

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Research Hub 路 Notion template

2 ratings