Project management dashboard · Notion template

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This template brings together both my Notion and agile experiences into one solid workspace. It's built for teams that want to stay in sync and share knowledge in one space.

You can see a live preview of a page in this template here 👈


🤝 Linked databases

With Notion, it's easy to have a single source of truth, then pull it wherever you need it. There are databases for tasks, user stories, and epics, as well as meeting notes and your team's knowledge base.

⛳ Smart flags

When a task falls behind or needs attention, it's good to see that right away. I've added flags so you can see the tasks that are late or have gone over their estimated working time.

🐘 Everything in one place

You can keep everything you use in one system, making it easier to stay in the loop and share information. So for an example, you can reference meeting notes in task descriptions.

🤹‍♀️ Built for agile processes

You can use this template to help split your work into smaller chunks, but still have the space to add detail where you need it. I've taken inspiration from Atlassian's project management methods, which you can read about here.

Ready for you to make it your own

A template is just the beginning. As you start adding to it and changing it, you'll find that you want to move things around and add new templates. And that's great! It's why Notion is such a great tool for teams that want to work in their own way.

About me

Hey I'm Amy! I'm a Notion Certified Consultant and I've been creating things in Notion since 2018. Now I help people and businesses through my own studio, Gubbins.

If you want to find out how you can customise your Notion workspace, you can schedule a call with me here or visit my website to learn more.

You can also find me on Twitter or LinkedIn if you have any questions!

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Project management dashboard · Notion template

5 ratings